How Rework Services Improve Client Experience

Working with a rework team takes a lot off your plate while allowing you to focus on your keeping your business on track. But did you know it can be a great tool to improve client experiences as well? Rework services create opportunities for damage control, product innovation, and customer service too. Here’s how:

Better Quality Control

It’s likely you use in-house QC to review to ensure a consistent client experience, but there are some disadvantages that can cause you trouble down the line if it is your only point of review. In-house QC teams have more insight into the ever-changing conditions of your manufacturing line and an incentive to keep it moving. They’re also unable to account for any damage that occurs during transit. Using a third party QC team to randomly or routinely spot check quality on your products at a rework facility closer to their destination gives you an unbiased perspective on the consistency and reliability of your client’s experience right before it reaches their homes. 

More Possibilities

Have you ever considered making your products customizable to help meet your client’s needs and edge out the competition? It’s hard to keep all of the stock on hand with every configuration your product could take, but a having a rework team on call quickly increases these kinds of opportunities. We can quickly make the necessary adjustments to your product by re-kitting or applying interchangeable pieces to give your clients a one-of-a-kind experience.

Quicker Turnarounds

Have you ever sent out a shipment only to discover that the batch of product you sent out was missing a piece or had an old version of the manual in the box? Rather than having those products recalled all the way back to your manufacturing facility, you can have them rehabbed by a rework facility on route to their next destination and improve the efficiency of your supply chain strategy. We have teams of reworkers on hand who can get your product back on the road quickly, which allows your team to keep moving forward so as not to create further stalls on your product stream.

Fewer Bad Experiences

By including a rework partnership as part of your logistics strategy, you have a built-in contingency plan for your supply chain. Rework services provide a wide variety of solutions from quality control to kitting to minor repairs that help you get out in front of problems quickly. By having this contingency plan in place before the need arises, your team can quickly and calmly address the challenges you meet and provide services without delay.

Increased Flexibility

Not all supply chain challenges can be solved by working with rework services, but having one in your corner gives your team one more problem solving technique for when they arise. Just like how a cross-docking facility brings your team more options on the go when a truck is over axel weight or you need a short-term landing pad for some product, having a rework partner in your corner when you need to recall products or add new features to existing stock keeps your supply chain limber and moving without getting in the way of your other projects.

Utilizing a rework service provider instantly takes a lot of work off your plate, but it can great better experiences for your customers too due to its flexibility, quality improvements, fast turnarounds, and opportunities for creativity. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how rework services can get your team back on track without lifting a finger. 

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