Lumping/Lumper Services

Let us do the heavy lifting
so you don’t have to.

Lumping Services

The AFS Advantage

Working with American Freight Service for your warehouse/lumping needs benefits everyone
along your supply chain: shippers, receivers, drivers, and our team too. Here’s how.

Lumping Services

Compound Efficiency Down the Line
Our team provides the increased ability to fulfill peak loading and unloading periods and convert loads to pallet configurations. These kinds of advantages magnify many times over a supply chain, which gives you a competitive edge.

Extended Driver Careers
It is difficult to build a good team of drivers. By reducing their time spent loading and unloading, you also reduce their fatigue. This sharply decreases health and injury risks for the driver and maximizes their drive time.

Fair Rates. Fair Treatment.
We won’t take on a job we aren’t equipped to handle, so you won’t wait. Our foundation built on fair and transparent communication and payment, keeps our team happy as well as yours.

Many Hands Make for Quick Turnarounds.
Unlike many lumping providers, we put an average of three employees on a job to keep things moving quickly. Their experience working together makes for efficient loading and problem solving.

Increased Safety and Decreased Liability.
We want to keep our people safe as well as yours. That’s why our team completes necessary OSHA training. By working with us, you’re choosing to keep your own team out of harm’s way.

Whatever your needs, AFS can handle it.
Here are some services we provide:

3rd party dock support

Freight handling

Unloading & Loading services

Protects such as: damage repack, labeling, mod building, date sorting and more

Container loading & unloading

Pallet restacking

Cross docking

Railcar loading & unloading

Product breakdown to meet rack height requirements

Spacer placement or removal for blast temp needs

Complete rework on dumped loads that will not be accepted at other warehouses

Quality lumping

Outbound preparation to meet specific customer needs

Don’t Break a Sweat

That’s what we’re here for 24/7.