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Since 1999, American Freight Service Co. has provided superior lumping, dock support, and material handling for our customers.

About American Freight Service

At American Freight Service, our company is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations on a daily basis with everything we do. Our experienced workforce offers know-how, flexibility and timely solutions to any problem.

Responding Quickly with AFS Freight Rework

It’s a team effort, so you’ll want to know how ours works! See how a customer’s challenge, a shifted truckload of product, was salvaged by the American Freight Service rework team.

American Freight Service (AFS) has been nothing less than outstanding to work with. They have provided us with their professional services for over 4 years. Their team has shown great strength in its willingness to tackle any job/task we ask them to do. They have never let us down. They work with us on a 24/7 schedule to handle our ever growing work load. The AFS team is truly a pleasure to work with.

– Tyler, Indianapolis