Rework Services

Don’t let a bump in the road get you off track.
We’re here to lend a hand.

Responding Quickly with AFS Freight Rework

It’s a team effort, so you’ll want to know how ours works! See how a customer’s challenge, a shifted truckload of product, was salvaged by the American Freight Service rework team.

Rework Services

The AFS Advantage

Finding out your business needs to rework a product
can be frustrating. It takes time, money, and a headache
to do over again. Choosing the American Freight Service
rework team takes away the hassle. Here’s how:

rework services

Respond Quickly
When a defect or alteration needs to be made to already-dispatched stock, having it shipped back to the manufacturer wastes time. We’re here to help you get product in working order and back on the floor faster.

Save Money
Keeping your product closer to its final destination will save you big in shipping and handling costs, and shortened turnaround times mean fewer missed sales opportunities.

Keep momentum.
Our rework services will allow your team to keep making new products. Don’t halt production. Get a responsive team to handle the headache.

Gain perspective.
We have long-term partnerships working up close with retailers every day. This gives us the insight and agility to respond to their unique needs when it comes to palletizing, kitting, or repackaging for better market appeal.

Whatever your needs, AFS can handle it.
Here are some services we provide:

Product repair

Instruction manual printing


UPC labeling





Country-of-origin labeling

Quality inspections

Parts replacement

Repair services

You’ve Done the Work Once

Let us take it from here so you can
focus on what makes your business great.