Crossdock Services

Need a space to make some adjustments?
Come by our place. We’re at the crossroads.

crossdocking services

When To Choose AFS Crossdocking

Things change. American Freight Service is here to help you stay flexible
and find timely solutions to your new circumstances.

If your delivery is going to be early or late

Don’t keep your driver waiting. Get them back out on the road and increase productivity. Then we’ll temporarily store your product for same-day pickup.

If your goods are arriving on a container

Let us receive your container, unload, and get the container back to the port as quickly as possible. Then our team can help you take the next steps to get your cargo to its final destination.

If you need a quick change to stay compliant
Our cross dock facility can shift your load or remove items to keep you safe and compliant when you find yourself overweight or over-axle weight.

If you have mixed freight or multiple vendors on your truck
Ever had pallets that need to come off first loaded behind other product? We can hold onto those while you make your delivery.

If you’re shipping temperature-sensitive items

Don’t let an unexpected change in schedule put your product to waste. Move your cargo from one temperature-controlled distribution to another quickly to keep it in optimal condition.

Whatever your needs, AFS can handle it.
Here are some services we provide:

3rd party dock support

Freight handling

Unloading & Loading services

Protects such as: damage repack, labeling, mod building, date sorting and more

Container loading & unloading

Pallet restacking

Cross docking

Railcar loading & unloading

Product breakdown to meet rack height requirements

Spacer placement or removal for blast temp needs

Complete rework on dumped loads that will not be accepted at other warehouses

Quality lumping

Outbound preparation to meet specific customer needs

Don’t Get Double-Crossed

At American Freight Service, we value fairness and
transparent communications so you won’t be left out in the cold.