Running a supply chain business can be a heavy burden.
We’re here to lend a hand.

Our Mission

To work as a team with our clients to provide them the flexibility to handle daily and unexpected tasks while providing unbelievable results.

Our Vision

To help build a safer, more efficient warehousing and trucking industry. Freight moves by road, rail and sea, and we are here to help with all three.


Our Team

The American Freight Service management team takes a hands-on approach to client experience and employee management. Our commitment to improvement is second to none.

John Davis
John Davis
Owner & CEO
Ryan Meeks
Sean Snyder
Sean Snyder
General Manager
David Norris
David Norris
Director of Operations
Andrew Jines
Andrew Jines
Operations Manager
Frankie Steinbruegge
Operations Manager
Derick Hull
Safety Manager

Our Core Values


Being honest goes beyond telling the truth at American Freight Service. We enact honest business practices daily with our transparency, open communications, and ownership of responsibility.


We don’t believe businesses fit neatly into a checkbox. Situations change, and AFS is here to help you find timely solutions to them.


When we make a commitment, we stick to it. Valuing reliability and accountability improves the lives of our employees and the experiences of our customers.


Our employees and yours are our biggest assets. This is why AFS puts employee security first and continually improves our systems for safety and efficiency.


We believe in treating others the way we would like to be treated equally across the board. Fairness at American Freight Service means playing by the rules and making compromises.

About AFS

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