Why AFS?

Many hands make for light work.
Let us do the heavy lifting.

Who we’re working with…



E-Comm Distributors

More than your typical lumpers

We go above and beyond to give our clients every advantage we can in their
supply chain planning. Here’s how:

Situations change. So do we.

Some days, your transit will make great time. Other days, you run into every roadblock. Our targeted lumping and rework teams are flexible and take things as they come.

Take advantage of our knowledge workforce.

We keep a team of lumping professionals with an average of more than three years of experience, and we train them in SQF, OSHA, PIT forklift, and more to make sure they’re safe and well-equipped for a career of supply chain work.

When we make a commitment, we keep it.

Our word is our worth, which is why we won’t take on a customer if we don’t feel completely prepared to handle their needs. That way, you’ll never be left waiting or wondering.

Get a team, not a laborer.

We work to keep turnover low and put an average of 3 employees on a job instead of 1. Their experience working together makes for quick loading and quick problem solving.

We put our team first to put your needs first.

Our employees get paid commission as an incentive to work quickly, efficiently and safely with your team. The more they work, the more they get paid, the faster you’re back on the road.

Whatever your needs, AFS can handle it.
Here are some services we provide:

3rd party dock support

Freight handling

Unloading & loading services

Projects such as: damage repack, labeling, mod building, date sorting and more

Container loading & unloading

Railcar loading & unloading


Pallet restacking

Product breakdown to meet rack height requirements

Complete rework on dumped loads that will not be accepted at other warehouses

Quality lumping

Outbound preparation to meet specific customer needs

Spacer placement or removal for blast temp needs

You’ve Done the Work Once

Let us take it from here so you can focus on what makes your business great.