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Opportunity for Cross-Docking and Rework with New AFS Dry Dock Facility

INDIANAPOLIS – American Freight Service, a leading dock support company, today announced the opening of their new dry-dock facility available to handle cross-docking and rework services. The 9,000-square-foot space boasts multiple doors for easy loading and unloading and quick highway access to get you back on the road with no downtime.

The new location, at 6951 E. 30th Street in Indianapolis, is less than a mile from where Interstate Highway 70 meets 465 to provide an on-route position for cross-docking and rework for products headed north, south, east or west. The facility will specialize in supply chain problem-solving techniques for when a load is rejected for freight balancing or weight complications to get drivers back on the road quickly. The flexible setup allows for palletized, floor-loaded, or dumped product, and Roadsync payment and receipt handling keeps paperwork to a minimum while decreasing worker contact optimized to keep all parties safe from the spread of COVID-19.

“We want to keep drivers moving as much as possible to supply America,” CEO of American Freight Service John Davis said. “and our new facility will make that easier than ever. Our team is fast, dependable and safe, so you can set your mind at ease while we keep your supply chain running on time when complications arise unexpectedly.”

Cross-Dock Facility - Indianapolis

The new location will be creating eight new jobs for Indianapolis in its first year. As such, American Freight Service is looking for applicants who are ready to build their career in logistics with competitive benefits in a team-first atmosphere primed for growth.

For more information on this cross-docking and rework opportunity for your supply chain, please reach out to our contacts below or visit Let us do the heavy lifting on the challenges in your supply chain.

About American Freight Service

American Freight Service is a leading lumping, dock support, and materials handling company founded in 1999 that works to keep supply chains on time and moving smoothly. With a reputation of a knowledgeable, flexible and solution-oriented team, American Freight Service prides itself on its honest and dependable lumping, cross-docking, and rework services as a means to build a safer and more efficient warehousing and trucking industry. When your supply chain feels like a heavy burden, we’re here to lend a helping hand.



John Davis
CEO of American Freight Service

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