5 Benefits of Using Outsourced Warehouse Labor

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good warehouse labor. Working with an outsourced warehouse labor service can help get your team out of some sticky situations quickly, increase the flexibility of the organization, and build a better workplace atmosphere over the long term. Here’s how:

Ability to Diversify Warehouse Service Offerings

Warehouse labor providers are often considered for their ability to bolster lumping bandwidth or speed up fulfillment processes, but laborers can do much more to help strengthen your business. Repacking services can strengthen a business brand by increasing brand impressions while sitting on retail shelves or porches for direct mail businesses. Inspection services can mitigate quality control concerns before they reach the customer, and light repairs can be made to reduce shrinkage. In short, rework services can provide a lot of value to a warehouse.

Minimal Training Time

Outsourced warehouse labor comes to your warehouse pre-trained and ready to get started. Many already have their forklift certifications and are well-versed in OSHA safety systems. You’ll need to show them around a bit and let them know of any anomalies for your particular warehouse, but you won’t need to start with the basics of FIFO. No long leads before they’re decreasing client wait times.

Driver Specialization

The truck-driving labor force is aging rapidly, partly due to the difficulty of finding young, able-bodied replacements for retiring drivers. Working with lumping service providers can help protect drivers’ ability to extend their careers by reducing wear on their bodies. Not only that, their work time can be minimized to ensure they’re in compliance with federal regulations for rest, which reduces the likelihood of driving mistakes.

Simple Scalability

If your business is going through a period of fast growth, working with outsourced warehouse labor can support your clients by doing the heavy lifting while you focus on providing the best service possible. The same is true during leaner periods. Working with a warehouse labor provider means no need for layoffs or firings during your off-seasons. Instead, they can be transitioned to new projects under our umbrella, ready to be called back to your warehouse once the busy season begins again.

Stop Gap Fixes for Labor Shortages

The logistics industry has been facing labor shortages for a decade, but recent challenges have created more obstacles to building a team. Bringing in outsourced warehouse labor can keep the freight running on time while you’re working to backfill open positions, but it can also be a stopgap to provide fair labor conditions, minimize overtime and burnout, and provide coverage for vacations, FMLA, or sick time. Bring in helpers to ensure long-term success for your team.

Warehouse management has a lot of moving parts, and finding the time to build, train, and connect with your team can take a lot of time—time you might not always have. In these times, utilizing a warehousing labor provider can keep the warehouse running smoothly and buy you some time to make choices that will strengthen your business over the long term instead of requiring quick fixes. To learn more about what warehouse labor services can do for your business, reach out to our team.

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