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5 Strategies to Combat the Warehouse Labor Shortage

Worldwide, the logistics industry is experiencing massive delays due to labor shortages. It’s likely to be happening in your warehouse as well. So, what can you do with a problem at this scale? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Modernize Recruitment

Pre-pandemic, it was already difficult to build out a warehouse team and keep them up to date on changing standards of care and safety. But the newest circumstances have made it nigh impossible. Workers are looking for more than just a job, so the old methods of filling positions with temp college students on break or someone between gigs for a while just isn’t sustainable. To attract workers, logistics partners need to be building careers with high wages, good benefits, and opportunities for growth.

Focus on Retention

When you’re needing to recruit for a team that has shrunk, the first thing to do is make sure you’re not going to need to fill more positions. If you’re offering new hires more money and benefits than you did for your existing team when they started, they should see an equivalent bump in their paycheck. If you’re offering more, it’s likely your competitors are as well. The last thing you want is to lose them over a small change you could make easily. The same situation goes for your benefits package.

One thing that can make a huge difference in retention for free is checking in with employees to make sure they’re still engaged at work. Are they being challenged? If not, what can you do to fix that? What kind of growth does your team need, and who can help fill that role? These kinds of questions can provide opportunities to your team while improving the offerings for your clients.

Use Pay-For-Performance

The primary reason everyone comes to work is for money. That’s the reality we live in. So why not provide workers with the option to earn a bit extra when they really need it? American Freight Service lumping teams are incentivized with a pay for performance program that gives our team more control over what they make. If they’re having an off day, they can choose to take their time as well. It helps curb burnout for our workers while maximizing efficiency for our business at the same time.

Take a Load Off

While we believe in providing paid leave and holidays for your workforce, what we’re actually here to talk about is the importance of removing unnecessary strain from working bodies. At this point in time, warehouse laborers in the U.S. are older on average than ever before. Protecting these kinds of careers requires the use of specialized, ergonomic equipment whenever possible. Be sure to provide enough fork lifts and jack lifts for every member of your team, and keep machines well maintained to minimize the need for workarounds. Keeping workers safe and comfortable is a top priority, especially when you’re needing more of them!

Have a Backup Plan

All of the points we have mentioned so far on this blog are great options for your business to work toward as you build back your team. But in the meantime, it’s likely you’re drowning right now! One option you have that can help you immediately is working with dock support professional teams. Get boots in the warehouse today and hands moving freight right away when you work with these support teams, and every point we’ve made here already applies to our teams. You’re not getting day laborers who just need some spare cash. Our lumping teams are professionals with supply chain careers too.

If your warehouse is backlogged, it’s hard to stay focused on the future. Reach out to our team today to get professionals in the warehouse immediately so you can focus on your business. Then you can keep the trains running on time while onboarding your new team.

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