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4 Reasons to Consider a Career in the Warehouse

In decades past, working in a warehouse was not always a traditional career path. But it’s funny how things can change. These days with the specialized technology, complex procedures, and safety protocols necessary to run an efficient warehouse, the lumping work needed to keep freight moving has created lifelong logistics careers with many advantages. Here are just a few:

An Industry Built on Stability

Everyone wants a recession-proof job. When you’re providing lumping services, you’re working in an industry that doesn’t slow down—not even for a global pandemic. It’s likely that your job will look a little different day-to-day, and you will be able to feel secure with a career in such high demand. Our economic system is built upon the necessity of producers making products the public needs. There will always be business in shipping customer orders from the warehouse to their house, and there’s no way to ship that job overseas.

Incentivized Compensation

Modern technology and rapidly increasing need for workers has turned this industry into a hub for viable careers with a competitive wage and the capability to earn commission as well. At American Freight Service, you’ll be paid based on how much freight you move. So, you have the power to increase your wage when you need a little extra cash.

Start Where You Are

With a career in logistics, there are no shortages at what you can do. At any time, there is availability for you to get hired with minimal experience, seek out a new certification, create new systems for process and safety improvements, learn from leadership, and advance again and again without formal education. There’s a job in lumping there waiting for you. Good benefits, clear safety protocols, and competitive compensation will allow you to stay comfortable while sticking around. That’s what we think is fair treatment of our employees.

Our Commitment to Flexibility

Providing flexible services based upon changing circumstances is one of the cornerstones of the AFS value system. But we know that you and your family will experience changes in circumstance throughout your time employed with us, and we’re believers in providing flexibility to you as well. One of our other values is fairness, and we know extending the same grace to employees as clients is the only way to treat everyone equally.

Working in a warehouse as a lumper is hard work. But modern safety protocols and processes keep the job straight forward and secure for anyone wanting to take part in the benefits it provides. We think there are quite a few good reasons to become a part of our lumping team. If you do too, we can’t wait to meet you!

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