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The Benefits of Lumper Services

Looking for lumper services and want to know the benefits? The reality is that lumper services do a lot to help supply chain businesses, drivers, and warehouse workers alike. Here’s how:

Reduced Management Costs

One of the biggest benefits off the top when you work with a lumping service provider is the cost reduction that comes with an independent team. Here are just some of the things you won’t need when you offload the offloading to someone else:

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Training
  • Career Development
  • Corrective Action
  • Human Resources Work
  • Payroll and Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation

With this many hours of reduced management, you may even be able to decrease necessary staffing to your business. If not, you’ll still free up several hours a week, which can be refocused on tasks that grow your supply chains and help your customers.

Diminished Impact of Supply Chain Variability

If your supply chain sees variability from month to month or quarter to quarter, it can be difficult staffing both efficiently and cost-effectively. Lumper services can help ease that pain. We’re here when you’re busy and elsewhere when you’re not. By taking our team on, you don’t need to pay wages when there’s a lot of downtime.

An Expedited Supply Chain

Cutting-edge technology is being developed at every stage of the supply chain today. But there are some things that are still going to require human labor. With the current warehouse labor shortage, it’s common for humans to be the bottleneck in a supply chain today. Having more hands-on truck decks can mean the difference between a missed delivery deadline and an expedited customer experience. We’re here to help fill the gaps and keep your freight moving.

Extended Driving Careers

The truck driving industry has experienced a labor shortage since long before COVID. The age of the average driver is climbing every year, and drivers are aging out of the system faster than they can be replaced. Because of this challenge, it’s paramount for carriers to find ways to support their older drivers. Lumpers are a great way to do that. Not only does it immediately reduce the risk of bodily injury or exhaustion, it also allows your driver to relax and feel well-rested when it’s time to drive again. When there aren’t enough drivers going around, making sure they spend their work hours on the road can make a huge difference in their effectivity.

Difficult Tasks Prioritized

Loading and unloading a truck is a wildly unpopular task among warehouse workers. It’s a lot of hard work! This is why they’re often more than happy to allow lumpers take over. But our lumping teams can do other labor around your warehouse that keeps managing to slip by too. Our teams are experts in repackaging, mod building, date sorting, pallet restacking, rack height requirements, spacer placement and more as well. It can make a huge difference to get your systems back on track, and you don’t have to give the loathsome task to your team.

A lumping service can do a lot more for your supply chain than simply move freight. Lumping teams can create safer work spaces, help relieve backups, and solve warehousing road blocks while reducing your costs. To learn more about what a lumping team can do for your supply chain, reach out to our team today.

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