What Every Truck Driver Should Know About Lumping Services

Lumpers get a bad name for the truck driving industry, and we understand why. A lot of shady dealers have provided these services in the past. But at AFS, we’re looking to change that experience. 

Our lumping teams aren’t just day workers. They’re experienced, highly-trained supply chain specialists with careers in mind. And as such, they bring a lot to the table: 

We’re Here to Help

In the last year, we’ve seen firsthand how supply chain workers keep America on track, and lumpers are part of that team that keeps freight moving. It’s easy to get into an us vs. them mindset when you’re having to negotiate with so many parties at once: the shipper, the receiving dock, and the lumpers. But we’re all here to pitch in and keep the loads running on time, and we want to be an asset to your business. 

Transparency is Our Priority

We don’t want to leave drivers feeling like they don’t know what to expect or how much it’s going to cost. That’s why we provide an estimate range for every job in advance. You’ll also receive a final receipt before you leave the warehouse to ensure your business costs can be refunded by your shipping company or tax credited if you’re an independent driver. We believe that honesty and fairness are values to live by, and it’s our goal to enact them with every interaction. 

We Want You Back on the Road 

Many drivers complain that it takes so long to work out a system for unloading that working with a lumper takes longer than unloading themselves. That’s why we put together lumping teams in groups of three at a time. Their consistent teamwork streamlines communication and unload strategy so you can take a break while they do their thing. 

Our teams get paid for performance, not an hourly wage. So while you make your money on the road, we make our money by the load. It’s in both of our best interests to load your trailer as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Safety Comes First 

Working with lumpers is a great way to keep yourself safe. By allowing someone else to do the heavy lifting, you’re putting less stress on your body that could lead to exhaustion or injury. Instead, you can relax and recharge. That way, when we’re done, you’ll be ready for another long haul, too. 

Safety is the number one priority for our lumpers as well. It’s important for them to protect their bodies because manual labor is their primary source of income. Their safe care of your cargo is the best way for them to protect against a dumped load and increase productivity – which means increased earnings! 

We Want to Extend Driver Careers

As a driver, you know better than anybody how vital your job is to keep America fed, clothed and safe. You also know that it’s getting harder and harder to find people who want to do the job. That means protecting your ability to keep driving is of paramount importance. We’re here to lend a helping hand, which can protect you from bodily injury that could end your career earlier than you wished. 

We get it. Lumping services aren’t the right choice for every job every time, but working with the right team can save you time and headache. We’re here to support your business, and we’re listening when you tell us what you need. Talk to our team if you have any special requests for your lumping experience. 

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