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What Dock Support Can Do for Your Supply Chain

Being successful in business is all about building the right team. This is true even with today’s highly-automated and tech-assisted supply chains. But sometimes even a great team needs help taking on challenges. That’s what dock support is for.

Many supply chain experts think of lumping services when considering dock support. While this is true, dock support has a lot to offer beyond moving freight. Here’s how:

Expedite Delayed Shipments

When things are running behind schedule, it’s all hands on deck. But what if your hands simply aren’t enough to get the job done? Having a go-to lumping team can help you expedite your supply chain in times of need. A few lumpers will only provide the extra hands needed to get the job done. At AFS, our lumpers consistently work in teams of three in a specialized process that allows them to get more done than three workers individually.

Rework Incomplete or Damaged Products

Ever send out a shipment of merchandise only to find it damaged or have missing pieces on the other side? The costs of reverse logistics to return these products for a rehab, along with shipping timelines, can get in the way of short deadlines. But many warehouse support providers also offer rework services. These teams can repackage goods to reflect updated branding, swap outdated user manuals, re-kit existing products into new configurations, do some light subassembly, replace missing pieces, complete quality control inspections, and more.

Create Flexibility

Keeping shipping lines running on time and in good condition is paramount to maintaining society’s way of life as a whole. But sometimes the unexpected happens. And when it does, you’re going to need some built-in flexibility into your contingency plans. Clock punchers aren’t going to cut it. We’ll be there when regulation changes leave your team scrambling, when delays stack up, when damages require special care. There are many reasons to value flexibility in the supply chain, and you’ll be glad you did.

Alleviate Labor Shortages

Right now, supply chains are being hit hard by the warehouse labor shortage all across the U.S. Everywhere, business are struggling to make ends meet when the system comes up short, and lumping services can help pick up the slack. But once society finds a new equilibrium, there will always be times of unexpected labor shortage during years of unexpectedly high turnover, when key team members go on parental leave, as your business continues to grow, and more. It’s good to have a dock support team in your back pocket as part of a supply chain contingency plan even in more certain times.

As you can see, dock support professionals are a great stopgap tool to help protect your business when plans go awry as well as create room for opportunities to grow your supply chain business. Every supply chain is a little bit different, so it’s likely there are other ways we can help as well. Reach out to our team to learn more about supply chain dock support.

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