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Choose a Warehouse with Built-in Benefits

So, you’re looking for storage space. Well, we’ve got some available. But whether you choose to work with us or not, there are some great benefits you should be looking for in your warehousing provider. Here’s just a few we suggest:

It’s All About Location

Much like with real estate, most things in logistics come down to location. But while you would likely prefer to live in a safe, quiet space, warehouses and logistics planning are optimized by being on large, busy streets easily accessed by carriers and close proximity to forms of mass transit. This is why when we chose our warehouse location at 6951 E 30th Street in Indianapolis, we selected a space within a mile of the intersection of I-465 and I-70. This space allows easy access for trucks headed in any cardinal direction as well as a direct route to train stations and the Indianapolis International Airport for expedited services. Anything our customers need is within reach, and that makes their logistics planning quick and easy.

Immediate Access to Value-Added Solutions

Situations change. It’s is as true as ever in business and logistics, and it’s a good idea to have a warehouse with the support system to help you make changes quickly and efficiently after products leave your manufacturer. We offer kitting, repack, and rework services to our warehousing partners. These services can help them stay flexible for personalized orders from new clients, correct mistakes made by the manufacturer, run a quality check on items with packaging damaged in transit, and more. Much easier than shipping them somewhere new first.

Think Local for Last Mile Efficiency

With access to the internet, anyone is capable of planning a route for delivery, but local knowledge is always going to win out for efficiency and reroutes. They’re also more likely to know guaranteed delivery protocols that are uncommon in other parts of the country. That’s why AFS partners with local carriers to create the best situation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Quick Responses to Customer Service

Working with a large warehousing provider may give you peace of mind in name recognition, but it’s also going to get you a centralized customer service team with no direct access to your warehouse. Think long wait times with static-y jazz playing every time you have a question. But working with a small warehouse means that not only will we have fewer customers to create wait times, but our team is onsite and knowledgeable about the goings on of the warehouse at any given day. And if you have a question they don’t already know the answer to, they have the ability to walk out and see your products themselves in a matter of moments. How’s that for reliability in response?

A Value System Based in What You Need

Some benefits aren’t easily explained on paper, but you can feel them in every interaction. For us, these are the values we base our success on as a team. American Freight Service’s values are honesty, flexibility, dependability, safety, and fairness. It’s something we hire for, train for, practice, and review each year. Our goal is to bring it to you in every phone call, every service opportunity, and every email because it’s our belief that these values bring the best experience to our team and yours.

If these sound like opportunities you want for your warehousing experience, we’d love to meet you. We’ve got 200 floor positions for dry product available at the AFS rework facility located at 6951 E. 30th Street in Indianapolis and the ability to stack pallets. Want to learn more? Reach out to our team for a chance to see the space.

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