From our CEO, management and great employees one thing stands out, experience. American Freight Service retains employees because we take care of them. Most of our employees have 3 plus years in with us and all of our supervisors and upper management have more than that. We believe in promoting from within the company to build a culture of invested employees. An invested employee cares more and that translates to better service for our customers.

Here are some of the people that make AFS a great company:


Andrew Jines

Operations Manager, AFS Indianapolis, IN

Andy Jines is an AFS veteran with close to 20 years warehouse experience. Andy joined AFS in 1999 and has worked his way up to run one of our Indianapolis facilities. Andy is still on the dock daily making sure our customer is happy. Company and customer comes first with him and we are glad to have him on our team.

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David Norris

Operations Manager, AFS Indianapolis, IN

Dave Norris joined our ranks in 2005. He has worked every shift that we offer but landed his spot as Operations Manager for our busiest facility by his dedication and hard work. Dave is a troubleshooter that is constantly looking for ways to improve our service.

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Sean Snyder

General Manager/Sales AFS

Sean began as a part-time employee in 1999. After completing college he came to AFS full-time. Sean worked as a dock supervisor up until 2012 then transitioned to the office helping AFS meet the growing needs of our customers. He enjoys working with customers and our employees to ensure that both are treated fairly and are happy. He is proud of AFS’s achievements and is always looking to expand our operation.

Contact Sean at or by phone Office: 317-736-4062 Cell: 317-440-3518

Ryan Meeks


Ryan has been a mainstay at AFS since its inception. His hard work on the dock helped to lay the groundwork for our operation today. Like our other management, Ryan spent years on the dock before moving up within our company. His knowledge of warehousing makes him an excellent manager for our daily operations. Ryan’s commitment to customer service is second-to-none.

Contact Ryan at or by phone. Office: 317-736-4062

John Davis CEO 001

John Davis


John is an active owner that still works on the dock to this day when needed. He does what needs to be done no matter what it is. Since 1999 John has lead by example when it comes to hard work and putting the customer first. Many owners check on their company every once in a while. John has a hands-on approach to ensure AFS stays on task and provides quality wherever we are.

Contact John at or by phone. Office: 317-736-4062.